Minutiae for the various Offices

As of now, we now have pages listing the ceremonies and rubrics  (i.e. the minutiae) which are to be followed in the public recitation and/or singing of the every Office except Matins and except those proper Offices during the Sacred Triduum, the Easter Octave, and All Souls’ Day.

However, as someone inquired to me privately about the correctness or proper adaptation of the rules to non-clerical and/or non-choir celebrations of the Office, let it be said that the ceremonial outlines contained on the pages of this website assume, for our purposes as a private Confraternity, that the ceremonies of the various Offices will take place with only or predominantly laypeople present. Furthermore, these pages also make the assumption that clergy, if any, would be limited to one or two priests present, who would lead the Offices but in no way would a formal Liturgical Choir be present. Such official ceremony is well covered in Fortescue’s Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described and need not be reiterated here.

What we do as a Confraternity is pray the Office primarily in Common or in private recitation with the hope for formal Liturgical Choirs should God decide to bless our endeavors with such in the future. Therefore, it is the adaptation of the rules applied to praying the Office in Common which the minutiae pages on this site primarily address.

The inquiries made to me recently made a very valid point that the rules for ceremony, rubrics, etc. for praying the Office in Common are not always clear and leave some room open to interpretation from the rules for Choir. For example, does one (or may one) wear choir dress (i.e. cassock and surplice) for non-Solemn Vespers assuming the lack of clergy present? At the moment, the answer to this and other finer points is not entirely clear to me, and I gladly welcome an excuse to crack open my Fortescue for some enlightenment. I will be reviewing the particular questions with Fortescue and Fr. Pasley and may make some modifications to the minutiae pages in the coming weeks based on some findings and further recommendations made via the comment box here.

This is always a work in progress. One caveat to all of this is that what has been written thus far is based on several years of prior personal experience participating at Offices prayed in common among the SSPX priests, not necessarily quotes from official rubrics, chapter and verse.

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  1. Sid
    Posted March 2, 2010 AD at 6:51 am | Permalink

    I can’t find in this website means of contact or a list of officers. Have I overlooked something?

  2. Posted March 2, 2010 AD at 9:16 am | Permalink


    The web site is still a work in progress. You have not overlooked anything.

    Thank you for pointing out our oversight.

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