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Burial of the Alleluia on Septuagesima Eve

In a few days hence, the Church transitions from the Cycle of the Incarnation to the Cycle of the Resurrection commencing with Septuagesima Sunday. Symbolic of the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity, the name “Septuagesima” is a Latin adjective meaning “Seventieth” (in the feminine to agree with the feminine noun “Dominica” for Sunday), though this [...]

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January-May 2013 Part II

The schedule for public Divine Office services at Mater Ecclesiae for the next five months is as follows: 1. Sung Vespers – Every Sunday of Lent, except Palm Sunday (i.e. from February 17-March 17 inclusive), and on the Second Sunday after Easter (April 14). These will generally take place at 1:00pm on the assigned days [...]

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January-May 2013 Part I

The weekly public recitation of Terce will resume on Sunday, January 13 at 10:30am at Mater Ecclesiae. Unless Vespers be scheduled or otherwise noted, Terce will be prayed every Sunday as such, inclusive of the summer months. A pending schedule of sung Vespers and Compline services for the next five months  is currently under review and [...]

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