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New Page added for the Office of Matins

We added a new page to explain the components, rubrics and ceremonial associated with the Office of Matins here:

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40 Hours’ Devotion at Mater Ecclesiae and the Divine Office

Mater Ecclesiae will be celebrating its annual 40 Hours’ Devotion of the Blessed Sacrament beginning with the Opening Mass on Friday, September 23, 2011 @ 7:30pm. Following the Mass will be a Procession/Litany of the Saints to open the Adoration period proper. Following the opening ceremonies, the Office of Compline will be chanted as written [...]

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Vespers’ Schedule for the Summer and Fall

No Vespers’ services at Mater Ecclesiae are scheduled for the months of June and July. The next Vespers at Mater Ecclesiae is scheduled for Sunday, August 14 (time TBD) which will be First Vespers of the Assumption of the B.V.M. w/ commemoration of II Vespers of the 9th. Sunday after Pentecost.  A potluck dinner may either [...]

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Feast of the Most Precious Blood – Erratum

I call to the membership’s attention an error on the 2011 Ordo and Liturgical Calendar issued by the FSSP concerning the observance of the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord which the FSSP had originally marked as being transferred to Saturday, July 2 this year. This is an error; July 2 remains [...]

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Holy Week Offices at Mater Ecclesiae

 The full schedule of Holy Week ceremonies at the Mater Ecclesiae may be found at its website As a reminder for the CSB, the following Offices will be prayed publicly at Mater Ecclesiae: Maundy Thursday 9 am – Tenebrae (Matins & Lauds) chanted in full Around 9:45pm - Compline recto tono following the Stripping of the [...]

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Latin/English Breviary by Baronius Press

From Baronius’ website: Baronius Press is delighted to announce that its new edition of the Roman Breviary in English and Latin has now gone to press. This will be the first time since the 1960s that a bilingual version of the Roman Breviary of 1961 has been published. It will be an invaluable set of [...]

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Simple II Vespers for the Immaculate Conception

On Wednesday, December 8 at 6:45pm in the chapel at Mater Ecclesiae, at Fr. Pasley’s request, we will pray the Second Vespers of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception with Commemoration of the Advent Feria. Everything will be chanted recto tono except the introduction, hymn, versicle, and Benedicamus Domino. These latter will be sung in their full [...]

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Minutes of the Meeting from Sunday, 10/3

The highlights of yesterday’s meeting are as follows: 1. New and returning members provided updated contact information. 2. John Rotondi spoke a little about refocusing our efforts on the monthly Vespers. Fr. Pasley reiterated that the norm will be to schedule Vespers on the third Sunday of every month, but that particular exceptions may arise according [...]

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Meeting – Sunday, October 3, 2010 @ 1:00pm

A meeting of the Confraternity is scheduled on Sunday, October 3 @ 1:00pm in one of the classrooms off the corridor between the sacristy and the rectory at Mater Ecclesiae. The agenda of this meeting will be as follows: 1. Brief address by our chaplain, Fr. Pasley 2. Welcome any new members 3. Update contact information [...]

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Ongoing Confraternity Business and Vespers on October 17

Following a recent solicitation of feedback from Confraternity members concerning our ongoing efforts, here is a summary of the responses received:   1. Regular meetings and/or training sessions would be very helpful 2. Proposal to add Terce before the High Mass on certain Sundays and this would be more likely to garner participation than adding [...]

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